A provisional question – Cui bono?

In numerous books on the history of republicanism it has been claimed the provisional IRA curtailed operations when Sinn Fein were engaged in electoral contests.

The ‘starting pistol’ for our current Council and Assembly elections was fired on 25th March 2011

Since then there seems to have been a sustained increase in failed bombings and hoaxes that mainly affect nationalist areas – those that will have a real republican option not SF;

Lower Falls

The list grows by the day. A cynic might suggest the next bombscare from republicans will take place in Strabane, followed by one in Newry?

Update: Conspiracy theory totally undermined by recent events

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24 thoughts on “A provisional question – Cui bono?”

  1. Surely you’re not suggesting a Dirty Tricks campaign ahead of the elections Mark ?

    That would be unheard of !

  2. Instead of sly innuendo why not take the courage of your conviction (however skewed it might be), Mark and make openly the accusation that you so meanly imply?

  3. John ,

    In my day – 12.00 am was cut off point ..

    April’s fool is dead and gone and you’re the fool to pass it on ………

  4. Rory,

    I think its pretty clear I’m suggesting those involved in these fake bombs are undermining republicanism and socialism.

    I’m suggesting, these hoaxes benefit SF and damage republicanism.

  5. I see, Mark (I think). However your Cui Bono tag has the effect of implying that, because Sinn Féin are the likely beneficiaries then somehow or other they are the likely culprits. I take it now that that is not what you intend.

    I suppose it will all boil down to a Casablanca ending.

  6. Mark

    I’m suggesting, these hoaxes benefit SF and damage republicanism.

    As “Cui bono?” normally suggests that those who benefit from an action are likely to be responsible for it the implication is that Sinn Fein or those wishing them well are responsible?

    Is that what you are suggesting?

  7. No worries Mark, I think its fairly clear I was having a pop at the other Mark (McG) for not substantiating this – he would be better promoting Eirigi and/or the IRSP if thats what he wishes.

  8. Henry,

    I ask ‘who benefits?’.

    There really is only one obvious answer.

    They were at a lot worse before I left.

  9. Mark – you’re suggesting Sinn Fein are responsible for the hoaxs and I’m sure there will be more suggestions for your good self in the coming weeks .

    But that’s what a political commentator does ………. right ?

  10. Cheers John and without wanting to sound serville , I shall be taking you up on your book recommendation re todays post

  11. First it was a protest vote…. then a sympathy vote….. then intimidation…… then impersonation ……. now people will be voting for Sinn Féin because of dirty tricks …….you can just see the headlines after the election Sinn Fein vote increases because some eejit phones through a bomb scare ……please!!!!!!

  12. Several conspiracy theories too far.
    The dissidents are indeed undermining republicanism……but surely they have been doing that since 1998.
    Thats why real republicans are so opposed to them.

  13. Because they were probably responsible . Was it not considered a successful op ?

    Mark is talking about Mickey Mouse failed bombings and hoaxes ….

  14. Perhaps the narrative that murder suddenly became reprehensible in 1994 lacks resonance.

  15. Mark

    I ask ‘who benefits?’.

    There really is only one obvious answer.

    I know what you are asking. I was wondering if you understand that you are suggesting that those who benefit are guilty in which case you are making a most serious allegation.

    But I will give you the benefit of the doubt and take it that you are trying to get the message through to the thick headed dissidents that they are alienating any support they may have. But you are probably wasting your time. When their objective is to “prove” that things are not normal by themselves acting abnormally you are dealing with a kind of mental illness rather than a political position that can be reasoned with.

  16. Yes, a conspiracy theory too far. On the unionist side, the TUV benefit most from “dissident” activity so did they plant these bombs?

  17. Sorry Mark. We need more information.

    And before the election how far off their own sofas did sectarian separatists wander before staging their dangerous little distractions?

    My impression is that these people do not get out and about much, but will take it upon themselves to kill real live irish people imagining that this will somehow get them back into a cultural comfort zone populated by dead irish people.

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